“Helping Teens Build the Foundation to Master Their Lives”






What is L.E.A.P.? 


L.E.A.P. is designed to help teens reach their full potential by giving them the tools to live more productive and happier lives in their homes, schools and social environments. By offering self empowering programs that will increase their ability to communicate with others, understand and manage stress, and the ability to change their perspective to see problems as potential opportunities for growth.

Teens will learn life mastery skills in these five areas:

  • Life Mastery Key #1: Becoming aware of your thoughts and belief systems
  • Life Mastery Key #2: Understanding your Stress Triggers and how to Manage them
  • Life Mastery Key #3: Communicating effectively to be heard and get what you need
  • Life Mastery Key #4: Creating Space for Family and Friends
  • Life Mastery Key #5: Discovering what brings Your Life Meaning and Purpose

Some Benefits of L.E.A.P.

  • Improved positive mental attitude
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • The opportunity to develop better family relationships
  • Enhanced scholastic and social competence

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